So is Mark Ferris trying to break up Youtube stars Zoella [ Zoe Sugg]  and Pointlessblog [Alfie Deyes] in Marks vidoe DIY DIEYSASTER you can see the pictures of him and Zoe. In Zoe's vidoe all the emotions Mark said Aww I feel loved!     You won't even believe in Pointlessblog's vidoe Zalfie and Mark Gogglebox Mark exclaimed Our ship name could be Zalfark this can not be a thing Zalfie need to stay together it seem in Mark's vidoe by himself he act differnt that he dose with Zoe! We need to sort this out Zalfie can not be ruiend!Mark did a vidoe about people saying he is spliting up zalfie this is true he put it out there and said''i'm not spliting them up''But he is i hate it when Mak always talks about zoe many people disagree but hopefully this will chang your mind. Alfie and Zoe did alot more things when Zoe did'nt know Mark BUT now Alfie is doing less excexiting,fun thing her now Mark has got involded! ZALFIE is a thing and it will bnever changre into zalfark is Mark just jelous of this buetiful couple?

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